Monday, 8 June 2015

Riding At The Beach

Last weekend I went to All Day Bay near Kakanui with my horse Copper-Rose. My Dad led Copper-Rose out of the float and I tacked her up with her saddle and bridle. After mounting I rode her into the waves, which she didn't mind. When I looked down I couldn't tell if she was backing out of the sea or if it was the tide.
We trotted along the beach until she seemed to slow down for no reason. I looked behind me. There was a change to deep hoof prints. There were a few sand hills which were firm enough to pick up the pace and have a smooth canter. After we had slowed down we found ourselves at Campbells Bay right outside Kakanui.
After a rest and a taste of seaweed for Copper-Rose we started to make our way back. We trotted more, but after reaching All Day Bay we started to canter which felt more like a gallop. To cool down we had a calm trot in the waves. I had an awesome experience with my horse at the beach.

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  1. Hello Maria! I read your writing about you and your horse Copper-Rose. I’ve enjoyed reading about your horse and you guys spending time at the beach. Next time, I hope to see more writing about him! Well Done, and Keep Up the great work!