Sunday, 28 June 2015

In April I went to the National Ploughing championships in Palmerston. There were both horses and machines ploughing. I mostly watched the horse ploughing. I found it interesting to see the way farmers would of worked their horse to plough a paddock.

Friday, 26 June 2015


Today I played football at Awamoa Park. My team Saint Josephs  United  played the Awamoa Spurs. We had an exiting game with a player scoring from a corner kick. I played midfield and striker. I had two shots on goal but the goalkeeper was quick to catch them. I really enjoyed the game which ended in a 5-0 win for us.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

My Holiday

Last school holidays I had a snowy Autumn holiday in Nasbey. As I entered Nasbey the car was engulfed with snow. I got a bit bored staying inside so I convinced Dad to go biking in the forest. We biked up the 4 wheel drive track to the top of the forest. It was hard work but we didn't get hot. We biked down some mountain bike tracks, which was exciting but challenging. I had an adventurous time. 

Stormy Ride

This afternoon I went horse riding on my horse Copper-Rose. We went along the road to ride in some large paddocks. We went through a pond after much needed encouragement. Copper-Rose was full of energy because of the changing weather. We had a good gallop which she seemed to enjoy. A few raindrops fell on my face so I decided it was time to go home. By the time I got home it had really started to rain. After untacking her and putting her in her paddock I went inside and snuggled up by the fire.

Highlanders Day

Today at school we all dressed up in Highlanders gear, to show our support to our local team. We sung the Highlanders song and waved our flags. In the afternoon some people from North Otago rugby came to see us. We did some passing and kicking drills. Some people received Highlanders flags. I had a fun highlanders day at school.      

Image result for highlanders flag nz

Friday, 19 June 2015


My mothers warm arms fill me with heat,
The glow of the fire is an illusion yet tidy and neat,
My eyes are dancing with the flames,
I dance gleefully "this is nice," the flame exclaims.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Riding At The Beach

Last weekend I went to All Day Bay near Kakanui with my horse Copper-Rose. My Dad led Copper-Rose out of the float and I tacked her up with her saddle and bridle. After mounting I rode her into the waves, which she didn't mind. When I looked down I couldn't tell if she was backing out of the sea or if it was the tide.
We trotted along the beach until she seemed to slow down for no reason. I looked behind me. There was a change to deep hoof prints. There were a few sand hills which were firm enough to pick up the pace and have a smooth canter. After we had slowed down we found ourselves at Campbells Bay right outside Kakanui.
After a rest and a taste of seaweed for Copper-Rose we started to make our way back. We trotted more, but after reaching All Day Bay we started to canter which felt more like a gallop. To cool down we had a calm trot in the waves. I had an awesome experience with my horse at the beach.