Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Department Of Conservation Volunteering

The Department Of Conservation (DOC) has many voluntary experiences throughout New Zealand. Earlier this year Karen, Brent and Maria Wallace volunteered for DOC on Ulva Island, which is near Stewart Island. The duties involved - checking predator traps, maintaining the track, painting the hut and talking to visitors to the Island.
Throughout the ten days the Wallace family were on Ulva Island, they had plenty of spare time. They enjoyed catching blue cod, gathering paua and mussels, going swimming, taking heaps of photos and exploring new tracks.
When they were asked if they saw any Kiwi’s, Brent answered “We got to see a Kiwi close up”, Maria said “It even pecked my boot!” Karen replied “It didn’t appear to know we were there as we stood still watching in amazement”.
Karen commented “It was a great experience for the whole family to see birds living without the threat of predators”. Brent said “I’m amazed at the sound of the birds dawn chorus”. Maria agreed it was awesome saying “It was great to be able to help DOC but have a holiday at the same time”.
For information about volunteering visit the DOC website.

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