Saturday, 2 August 2014

Bloody Sunday

I am a man from Northern Ireland,
My ancestors found this land,
We have fought off countries for a thousand years,
But one Sunday that all ended in tears.

Bloody Sunday is what they call it,
The British decided that us Catholics just weren't fit,
We marched a peaceful march saying who we wanted to rule,
But the British soldiers on the side of the street decided to be afraid of us all,
The British soldiers fired off all those deadly shots,
I saw my friends wounded and dead, there were lots and lots.

This land was all the British wanted I really don't see why,
They've got plenty of land themselves, this makes me want to cry,
Right down to this very day, 
The British still get their way,
But they have given us the right to vote,
Though that is about the only high note.

I know now today that we can solve this in peace,
When England has ended it's long term lease. 

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