Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was once in jail for fighting for equal rights, but then he became the first black president of South Africa. He believes that peace should be fought for verbally rather than killing each other. He fought for freedom for everyone. He thinks that everyone should have the same rights so that one nation can work together to help each other. He has a strong faith, he asks that God can help his country.    

Monday, 28 July 2014

Kittens In The Kitchen

‘Kittens In The Kitchen’ is written by Lucy Daniels and illustrated by Shelagh McNicholas. The book is set in a small town of Welford. This is a fictional, adventurous story which is the first novel of a series of different animal books.
This book a about a girl called Mandy, who lives with her veterinarian foster parents in a small cottage with the vets surgery attached. Mandy has a school friend called James, who she is often hanging out with. Together they try to find good homes for four kittens of the caretaker. In just one week. Will Mandy and James be able to help these kittens under the pressure of the temperamental caretaker or will he take things into his own hands?
The awesome thing about this book was that it was mostly about kittens but it had lots of humour in it which made it more interesting. One of the not so good things about this book was that it had some characters that were mentioned but not said much about.
I think that the author was trying to give a message that just because a person may not like animals doesn’t mean that they are mean or nasty.
I would definitely recommend this book because it is very funny and relates to cruel things that happen in real life. I also think it is a great book for both girls and boys.

Thursday, 17 July 2014


Do you like chocolate? lots of people do,
Once you've tried one chocolate bar you'll want another few,
It makes you feel a sensation of sweetness in your mouth,
There is chocolate everywhere you go east, west, north and south.
But chocolate isn't always in the shape of a block or bar,
It could be in the shape of a bunny, a house, a egg or a tar,
Chocolate sometimes looks smooth and creamy,
But when its just been made it may look steamy.
So if you haven't tasted the smooth taste yet go and have a try,
At the supermarket you'll find all kinds of chocolate you can buy.

What are you doing today?

What are you doing today?,
Are you going surfing at a bay?,
Or are just lying on the ground,
Looking at others as they go around,
Are you in search of something to do,
Or are you thinking about a place to go to,
Today I'm riding my horse,
Where there is a windy force. 

Rock Climbing

Last week I went to the Clip n Climb in Christchurch. I climbed a really high wall. It took me 15 minutes to get to the top, so I was pretty happy when I made it. I found it tricky at times because some of the handholds were very small. I really enjoyed going down because all I had to do was hang onto the rope and relax.

My Akaroa Holiday

When I went to Akaroa last week I walked the Childrens Bay walk. At the top of the hill there was a rhinoceros made out of old pieces of scrap metal. I also saw some giraffes made out of scrap metal. I got a great view of the sea from the top of the hill. It was a really hard climb up but it was worth it for the view.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Being Free

I gallop along in the hot summer heat,
Fire is my horses feet,
Being free is for me,
Galloping along in the high country,
We get up and down with the sun,
At the end of the day I can't even run.

We love going along as fast as we can,
My horse went on he ran and ran,
I stand up in the saddle to feel the breeze,
My horse goes on gracefully I feel at ease.

I've felt the power of the bond we share,
Let it go on year by year,
We love it in the high country,
It is the place where we are free.


'Boom', the thunder deafens the world, 
Flash the violent lightning strikes again,
The wind is a truck driving over trees, 
 Even the strongest of trees see their fate,                                        The creak is a raging torrent like someone had fired a water gun, 
After two long days the storm came to a standstill,
Their was a huge cleanup to be done.  


Winter rain all day long,
Stuck inside because sun is gone,
Puddles on the ground,
Leaves blowing all around,
Branches torn in the breeze,
Blanket of leaves under trees.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Rugged mountains high and steep,
A place where shepherds muster sheep,
Snow in winter it lies around,
While sheep aren't finding solid ground.

Spring comes and new borns too,
Horses fitted a shoe or two,
Mountain flowers start their bloom,
Bright yellow in the broom.

Summer heat is hot and harsh,
Only slight green around the marsh,
All the sheep are out the back,
So the horses get a decent hack.

Branches torn in autumn breeze, 
Blanket of leaves under trees,
The sheep are brought in from the storm,
Snug in the shed cosy and warm.